Emotions Welcome

I offer empowerment to break free from the chains of our conditioned belief systems that encourage suppression, that tell us: it's not okay to struggle, feel pain, and express emotions in powerful ways; that grief needs to be over quickly; that we need to change the subject for other people's comfort.

Let me be your guide in saying NOT ANYMORE!


Hey, I'm Julee

Grief Doula, Entrepreneur & Loving Presence

I am here to be of service. You and I are one and the same. We are human beings here in this life doing the best we can. The only guarantees we have in life are change and impermanence, and this fact can bring pain and suffering into our experience. In these moments of transition and loss we can sometimes feel overwhelmed, lost, and even alone. I am here with my whole heart to hold space and be a loving presence to you when you need it most.


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Moving from suppression to Expression to Liberation


Resilient Through Grief
8-Week Program

An 8-week holistic online program for grievers ready to become more resilient to create a new normal with space for presence, joy, and love.

Registration is currently closed...


Click below to learn more about what to expect from this journey of compassionate transformation, and to join the waitlist to know immediately once doors open again.  


Yoga Class Bundles

(practice on your time)

Themed class bundles offering highly accessible practices inviting more ease, peace, and opportunities for processing your struggle through movement, breath, and sound.

Creating the space for releasing that which is not serving us, allows the love at the core of our grief to radiate more clearly. 

These practices can be adapted to most abilities. It is possible for students to fully participate from a chair or even lying down.


  • Anxiety Support & Better Sleep

  • Cultivating Self-Love & Compassion

  • Grief Yoga®  for Emotional Liberation

Coming in March 2021

Julee has an incredible way of creating a space that feels safe. With her guidance, I was able to connect to and express what I was feeling without self-consciousness.


Julee normalized emotional expression in a way that gave me permission to allow myself to be open and free.

- Kim

It’s so important to experience and process grief, and Julee is an excellent guide for this.


Julee is gentle, loving, compassionate, considerate, knowledgeable, fun, and thorough. She really understands loss in its many forms and the complexities of how it can affect everyone differently.

- Holly

Julee guided me through my first Yoga Nidra experience and I fell in love! My body and mind were at rest in a way that I find challenging to achieve on my own.


The sensations I was able to explore brought a peacefulness I was able to carry with me throughout the rest of the evening. After class, I felt very calm and peaceful.

- Liahna


A private Facebook community for sharing stories, witnessing others, engaging in discussions, and learning new tools inviting less suffering and struggle in our grief.

Julee shares LIVE video classes weekly and post about tools and resources to support our grief journey.