1:1 Support Sessions

Honoring your grief experience

I am here for you with an open heart. Holding space without any judgement or solutions as grief cannot be solved for. We can embrace it as an expression of love that we have for the person, place, or experience that is no longer with us today.

I come from a deep well of diverse grief experience and have over 10 years learning tools to process and befriend my grief. My goal is to help you identify a healthy relationship with your grief experience. 

Our sessions can include:

  • Deep listening while you share what needs to be expressed.

  • Exploring tools inviting healing and healthy grief expression. These practices include:

    • Yoga and movement practices​

    • Mindfulness practices

    • Chanting and singing

    • Writing, drawing, and painting

  • Design a custom ceremony or ritual to channel your love and lasting connection with your loved one.