Fall Foliage

Heart-Centered Approach

Support for all grief experiences and end of life


Grief Yoga®

I teach the Grief Yoga® method, which was created by the wonderful Paul Denniston. This is a practice of emotional liberation and not focused on physical flexibility. As a certified Grief Yoga® teacher I provide a safe space to guide you through a highly accessible physical experience. Using movement, breath, and sound we will create compassionate transformation through feeling into the grief with the goal of releasing struggle and pain. Creating the space of releasing that which is not serving us, allows the love aspect of our grief to radiate more clearly.

These classes offer gentle movement and meditative practices that can be adapted to most abilities. It is possible for students to fully participate from a chair or even lying down.

Grief Support Sessions

I am here for you with an open heart. Holding space without any judgement or solutions as grief cannot be solved for. We can embrace it as an expression of love that we have for the person, place, or experience that is no longer with us today.

I come from a deep well of diverse grief experience and have over 10 years learning tools to process and befriend my grief. My goal is to help you identify a healthy relationship with your grief experience. 

Our sessions can include:

  • Deep listening while you share what needs to be expressed.

  • Exploring tools inviting healing and healthy grief expression. These practices include:

    • Yoga and movement practices​

    • Mindfulness practices

    • Chanting and singing

    • Writing, drawing, and painting

  • Design a custom ceremony or ritual to channel your love and lasting connection with your loved one. 

End Of Life Doula

"End-of-life doulas provide non-medical, holistic support and comfort to the dying person and their family, which may include education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual or practical care." -NEDA 

My Current Offering:

  • End of Life and Advanced Care Planning: Providing education on available resources. Assistance with organization and decision making related to your life circumstances. I bring a calm presence and over 12 years of project management experience. 

  • Vigil and memorial planning: Do you have a vision for your final days? What will the space look like? How will it smell? Will there be music or readings? Who do you want to be present? What about your Memorial? I bring over 5 years event planning experience and will help pull all of this together. 

  • Memorial Officiant:  I bring a calm, friendly, and organized presence allowing your loved ones the freedom to be present with their feelings without worrying about carrying out the memorial event. My background includes teaching, and public speaking. 

  • Legacy projects: Do you have a gift to leave your loved ones? It can be sharing your stories as I write them or record the audio. We can make a collage or other creative expression using photos and other symbols of your legacy to them. 

Services I can provide referrals for:

At this time I am unable to commit to Respite and Practical Care as I am currently acting as a caregiver within my own family. I am happy to refer you to another EOL Doula in your area. 

Creating Sacred Ceremony

Grief can be seen as an expression of our love when it feels like it has nowhere to go. The idea of creating a personalized ceremony or ritual offers a conduit to channel that love to the intended recipient.

I will be your guide in tapping into your memories and pulling together treasured symbols of your bond. We will then take these symbols, combine them with creative expression, and include reverence of your preferred spiritual or religious tradition (if desired). With these ingredients we will craft a personalized ceremony or ritual that you can take forward as a tool for ongoing connection to your departed loved one.