Connecting and Healing Through Food

7 years ago today I fell in love with papaya. It had been a year since my mom died and Ryan and I were on our first big trip together, to Costa Rica.

Every morning our breakfast would include papaya. I had never had anything like it. And unlike Ryan, I loved the texture, flavor, and how soothing it was in my stomach.

I now know that papaya’s health benefits include soothing inflammation and digestion...which I so desperately needed.

When Mom died I had also just quite a 9-5 consulting job that had driven me into the ground and tore up my stomach from all the stress. I was ill and feeling broken.

I have told the story before that I quite that job because I had started my first business...but my burnout and health issues are the root that led me to those decisions. Entrepreneurship wasn’t going to fix me though.

I was just escaping in another flavor of busyness and not tending to my core needs and wounds. I now realize the papaya I ate daily while in that beach village was a small gesture of love and nurturing for my body and soul—even if I didn’t know it at the time.

This story is inspired by the fact that Ryan brought me this papaya last night, not even realizing it was the anniversary of that trip—he just knew I would love it, and he loves me. To him a small gesture...

To me...he gave me such a soothing gift and the reminder of a happy memory we shared—even if he didn’t know it at the time. 💚

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