I’ve never shared this before; it’s embarrassing...

But here we go anyway.

It was senior year of high school and I played competitive tennis—I was pretty good too. The thing is, I had great physical technique but seriously lacked mental and emotional resilience.

Growing up in a family operating from a strong victim mentality, well...what's that quote, "You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with…choose carefully."

Can you relate?

Cut to the regionals tournament—I was in a singles final playing for 3rd in the region. I was disappointed I missed top two contention but knew I would still go to State when I snagged 3rd. I had defeated my opponent before; I was pumped.

Right before the match, my coach informed me the rules had changed and only 1st & 2nd place would go to State. I was CRUSHED! Suddenly it all meant nothing!

I bawled right there on the court in front of coaches, college scouts, teammates, other players, and my opponent. I threw the whole game very dramatically; crying through most of it and hardly running for the ball. Basically, I DIDN'T GIVE A SHIT!

Looking back now, it’s clear to me that it wasn’t poor sportsmanship—I just had NO RESILIENCE. My mindset was shot to hell. The disappointing news sent me into full-on victim mentality.

I thought, “This isn’t fair! They ruined this for me!”

The truth was, no one ruined anything for me. I chose not to accept my reality and make the best of it. I lost sight of all that I had achieved—the wins, and the years of experiences I was blessed by playing the game.

I only saw the loss and perceived failure.

I carried that story for years solely because I lacked any resources within to process it any other way. I felt cheated—for years!

Nearly two decades later, it was finding yoga and mindfulness that I finally learned valuable tools to pick myself up when I fall and not grip tightly to expectations.

This is now the work I do with my 1:1 clients.

If this story resonates with you

If you also struggle to break-free from limiting beliefs

If you’re ready to upgrade your toolkit for mental & emotional resilience

I have openings for two 1:1 clients. Send me a PM and let’s connect.

You write your story and rewrites are possible.

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