Let's Talk About Anger...A Natural Part Of Grief

Let's get something straight--Anger is not bad! Neither is it our enemy.

Emotions are not GOOD or BAD. They are part of the human experience. Lacking understanding of what emotions are communicating is what increases suffering and struggle.

Anger is an expression of unmet needs.

For example, getting angry that someone was late to meet you could be a need to feel respected, valued, or loved enough.

Denying or suppressing it will not address the root cause; which leads to many of the feelings discussed, and continued conflict.

Anger is a natural part of our grief journey.

  • We want things to be different.

  • We want to feel a differently.

  • We want others to understand what we are going through, but they don’t.

  • We want to go back to “normal”, today please

When we get quiet, listen, and observe--ourselves and others, we can better address what is needed with compassion and less harm to all involved.

A Journal Invitation: Explore your beliefs and experience with anger. What did you witness in your family? Will you allow this emotion?

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