Here As Love & Meeting Ram Dass

Ram Dass has been a big influence on my grief healing journey and through his work I have been introduced to many wonderful teachers and healers. It was actually at a Ram Dass retreat that I decided on the name of my business, Here As Love.

I felt a deep calling toward how I wanted to show up in the world. To not only be a "loving" person, which is an action...but to identify as love itself. Leaving me no option other than approaching everyone and everything from love. It was transformative.

I will never forget the moment I was able to speak with Ram Dass at that retreat in Maui. He and Mirabai Bush were signing my copy of their co-authored book "Walking Each other Home" when I suddenly put my hand firmly on the table and shared that I was becoming an End of Life Doula to accompany the dying. Ram Dass stopped in his tracks, looked up at me and gave me the biggest smile. It was the first time I had really declared my intention, and his blessing meant more than I realized.

I walked away from the table and ran to the bathroom as I began sobbing. Saying that out loud...telling RAM DASS and Mirabai Bush felt like it made it real. A lot of feels rose to the surface clearly...but mostly it was LOVE.

To honor the 1-year anniversary of Ram Dass's death, I would like to share a couple of my favorite quotes.

“When you go out into the woods, and you look at trees, you see all these different trees. And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens, and some of them are whatever. And you look at the tree and you allow it. You see why it is the way it is.
You sort of understand that it didn’t get enough light, and so it turned that way. And you don’t get all emotional about it. You just allow it. You appreciate the tree.
The minute you get near humans, you lose all that. And you are constantly saying ‘You are too this, or I’m too this.’ That judgment mind comes in. And so I practice turning people into trees. Which means appreciating them just the way they are.” -Ram Dass

“That in you, which is me can hear what I’m saying” -Ram Dass

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