Music for Connection: A Self-Care Ritual

This song speaks eerily close to how the story between my mom and I ended...even with all I yearn to tell her, even today. It allows me to touch the pain in my grief, for just a few minutes—but more importantly, I connect with the love.

Songs can do that for us. Make us feel less alone in our struggle. To use melody and poetry to materialize the emotions and pain that we ourselves cannot put words to.

It may sound morbid to intentionally listen to music that reminds you of your pain and grief, but actually it is really common and can be surprisingly healing.

If you grew up, like me, not being offered permission to express emotions freely and encouraged to deny and suppress whatever does arise that does not align with “good vibes”...we become stuck. We get a growing lump in our throat and immense heaviness on our chest. Music can help break down the walls we have spent decades building, brick by brick.

Listening to music. Singing, even bad karaoke in the car. Dancing in your home alone like no one is watching. It’s all movement breath and sound penetrating to your soul.

Allow the vibrations to fill your ears and your heart open up to the possibilities to release the stuckness. Allow the emotions to flow. Cry. Laugh. Scream. It is all allowed, regardlesd of what society tells you. You are not broken my friend.

You are allowed, just as you are in this moment. Your grief is valid. Help it find a voice to move through you. 💚

🎧Also, if you are unfamiliar with @theavettbrothers I can’t recommend them enough. They are my favorite, and this is my favorite album, but they are all great.

What songs do you connect with deeply whenever you hear them?

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