My Grief Could No Longer Be Ignored

Grief has been a companion of mine for over 35 years. Our relationship strengthened and transformed by each loss & trauma I have lived through. Through most of those years, I didn't have resources or role models of support to turn to.

Mostly, I ignored my grief, suppressing, and devaluing my emotions more and more as the years went by. I hoped that by pretending my grief didn’t bother me, my productivity and success wouldn’t be affected. After all, our society teaches us very little about how to process grief; instead, we’re expected to carry on with everyday life as if nothing has changed.

I took pride in being the strong one, constantly filing away the pain for another day.

Eventually, the mental filing cabinet began to overflow. The drawers would no longer close and I was forced to find a new way to manage the load.

After Mom died, I was a hot mess. Lost. I found refuge on my yoga mat and slowly began a journey leading me to #YogaForGrief ...changing me forever. It gave me perspective, permission, and a safe container to express myself through movement, breath, and sound. It allowed me to see and feel that I am enough, that my feelings are valid, and that they deserve my attention, compassion, & powerful expression. I found liberation.

Your emotions are welcome here.

As a #GriefDoula & certified Grief Yoga® teacher, I provide a safe space and guidance through powerful mind-body practices. I am here to honor whatever you’re feeling, and to be a compassionate guide through your unique grief experience. Inviting you to move through your grief with compassion, releasing judgment and thinking you “should” be handling things differently.

  • If you feel like what you’ve been taught about death, change, and “appropriate” emotional expression isn’t working for you...

  • If you feel like you need to mask your struggle, pain, and powerful emotions to avoid making other people feel uncomfortable…

  • If you feel that your grief timeline isn’t matching up with external expectations of you at work and at home…

Let me be your guide in discovering a new way through grief.

Interested in learning more? Contact me at, or DM me on Instagram @juleeyokoyama to connect further.

Photography by Amy Gorton

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