Reflections on 2020

If 2020 had a mantra it would be "Pivot". Not many of us are ending this year where we thought we would be, personally, or even professionally.

At the start of the year, Here As Love (my biz), offered in-person Grief Yoga® classes & End of Life Doula services. I had spent two years becoming certified as an EOL Doula & Grief Yoga® teacher. 2020 was going to be the year I stepped into my purpose, showing up to companion others through their most lonely rites of passage.

Then came March 2020, the ongoing pandemic, and most of my business strategy came to a halt. Not able to be at anyone’s bedside. Not able to guide in-person classes. I was forced to stop and rethink everything...while also processing my personal struggle with the state of the world.

I was pissed. To not be able to step into the work I had planned on and trained for was frustrating. I was also heartbroken.

I needed to pivot when I had just gotten my footing. It felt like a loss.

Many business owners have had to pivot their strategy, their offerings, halt work, or even surrender their business completely to ensure the stability and wellbeing of themselves and their family.

These are all grief inducing experiences.

They are anxiety producing decisions that in some cases are afforded few options. The stuff that keeps you up at night, and fearful of the future.

2020 has been a year no one living on this planet will ever forget and we will be living through it’s effects for years, if not decades.

I wholeheartedly believe we are strong, resilient beings--but sometimes we need to be reminded of our inner wisdom and our purpose. To remember how to have trust, compassion, and love for ourselves. This is at the core of the work I am here to do.

In my pivot, I realized that I don't need to be in-person to be of service or to step into my purpose of companioning others through their shadows and struggles. I have had to learn a lot about technology (A LOT), but I have found my way to show up. I am here now, for you.

January will bring the debut of months of hard work. New online classes, workshops, & programs. Stay tuned!

May we all find our footing and feel supported as we step mindfully into 2021.

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