Was It Too Soon To Adopt A New Dog?

One year ago today we adopted little Desi. A decision we made only 3 months after saying goodbye to our best friend of 13 years Mia. I had a lot of internal conversations asking myself beforehand:

🤔Was it too soon?

🤔Was I “properly” grieving Mia’s death, or trying to bypass the pain by distracting myself with a new love and responsibility?

🤔Would getting a new dog companion so soon be a betrayal to Mia’s memory?

I determined that those were fair questions to ask, but the truth is that there is no right answer or right way to grieve. Each time is different and individual. I felt this overwhelming heart-calling to save another life and give her the abundance of love, care, and adventure that Mia and I were able to share. It was time, for me.

I felt deep down that Mia fully approved as she only wanted our happiness.

🎉So today, I celebrate bringing home our little Desi, and I celebrate the legacy of love miss Mia left in our hearts forever.

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