What Is Yoga For Grief?

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To me, it's about grounding, expansion, and resilience. My teaching includes a blend of practices that have been transformative to my grief journey over the years. All are rooted in grounding into a mind-body-heart connection and reducing anxiety that can often keep us tense and contracted. These practices include:

Grief Yoga®: A highly accessible practice inviting emotional liberation through gentle movement, breath, and sound. Creating the space for releasing that which is not serving us, allows the love at the core of our grief to radiate more clearly. This practice can be adapted to most abilities. It is possible for students to fully participate in a chair or even lying down.

Yoga Nidra: This is a meditative practice that will induce deep relaxation and restfulness...and all you have to do is lay down comfortably and listen to my voice as I guide you through body awareness and visualization. This invites a withdrawing of the senses by simply focusing your hearing and feeling senses inward and allowing the rest to take a break. Helpful for easing anxiety and improving sleep quality.

Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga: This slow and meditative practice incorporates the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with yoga poses that are held for longer periods of time. Props and modifications are encouraged to make the practice your own and ease your way into sustained stillness & rest. For me, this practice is an embodiment of resilience--leaning into physical sensation, stillness, and breathing through the discomfort of a busy mind. Benefits include reducing stress and anxiety and improving flexibility, joint mobility, and circulation.

I currently offer these practices as a customized experience for 1:1 private clients & my 10-week Resilient Through Grief group program.

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