Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear and props needed?

  • Loose comfortable clothing recommended.

  • I recommend a yoga mat, but not required. Just enough space on the floor that gives you room to move is fine.

  • Blanket, 1-2 pillows as you may want to cover up when lying down and cushion knees and head.

    • Also, the pillows may be used for an exercise called "Punching it out", so make sure it is hearty so that you can release some tense feelings into it. The pillow can take it, trust me. ;)

  • A chair handy if that is more comfortable for seated activity. We may be seated for upwards of 30 minutes sometimes.

For online classes, can I turn my microphone and video off?

Yes, every element of class participation on your part is completely your choice. It is all about you feeling comfortable and safe. I do mute everyone once we begin practice as well.

It is my hope to see and hear you before we begin and at the end of class for conversational interaction, but that is also not required. Do what feels good for you!

I have questions that are specific to my grief story, can we talk before I sign-up for a class?

OF COURSE! YES, PLEASE! I am all about creating a safe container for all who participate in this practice. 

You can Contact Me Here, or message me on Instagram or Facebook anytime.

Can I sign-up for a class pack or monthly membership instead of paying for each class individually?

Not at this time. I will be offering pre-recorded class bundles beginning April 2021.