Yoga Nidra

Be Still & Restore

Yoga Nidra is a meditative stillness practice focused on withdrawing the senses from the outside world and bringing your awareness inward. Focusing on the Hearing and Feeling senses you will listen to my voice as I guide you on this inward exploration of body awareness.

This 60-minute class is designed to activate your body's relaxation response. To take you out of fight or flight mode and settle you into rest and digest.

In this restorative practice, we may begin with some gentle seated tension release movement to settle the body before we lay down. Once we begin Yoga Nidra practice you will be laying on your back in comfortable clothing, listening as I guide you on a journey of sensory awareness.

Tips to prepare for class:

  • Have a blanket or sweater handy as the body temperature will drop as you lay there…maybe even wear your favorite pair of warm fuzzy socks.

  • Have some support for under your knees if they are sensitive as you will be lying still the whole class. This can be a soft bed pillow or a rolled blanket or towel.

  • Ensure your space is quiet (as possible) and remove distractions. Put phones on silent and give your dog a toy to occupy them. This is your time for peace my friend! ;)